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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this time, it is a megafundraiser with singer, john legend. a concert is slated for this evening. jodi, i understand that you caught up with a supporter who was willing to write that big check. >> reporter: jessica, that woman described herself as a passionate supporter. as far as we understand, that round table is still taking place inside the hotel. you can see the barricades are up and the secret service is on staff as the fundraiser takes place across the street.
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president obama touched down. $1,000sy ticket round table as the hotel. >> my husband and i are very, ferociously passionate towards the president obama. >> sharon hoffman and her husband paid top dollar to see the president. >> he is going to ask questions and talk about anything that they want to talk about. >> he need to get as much money going as he can to deal with the election in the battleground states. the president pretty much as the bay area already in the bag.
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but he needs their figs ctio fi support to win over the rest of the country. >> we are the state that both sides, even though we are a heavily democratic state are going to come out and take advantage of that hollywood money and that california gold. >> we are back here live where you can see the san francisco police department has the street barricaded off as the first of three fundraisers takes place. this is the first of three tonight. from here he will travel six blocks up the street to the big gra graham civic auditorium. reporting live from san francis francisco.
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nbcbay area news. >> jean, big concert, big meal and big money. should be quite a party with notable names, right? >> that is right. big names, celebrity chefs are helping the president raise much needed cash. >> one veteran says he is not voting, he says voting for the top two candidates are trying to change the minds here tonight. but barack obama supporters say he needs four more years. >> they are voting for
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occupation in afghanistan. so, we are going to have a president until 2024. we are asking people not to take part in voting for that system. i believe that our economy is on the right track. we want to make sure that he finishes what he started. the president will be meeting with a group of 100 bigger donors talking to them over dinner. and then he'll drop in on a concert event. 6,000 people are attending concert. the president urging them to help him get re-elected. we will bring you highlights of that event tonight at 9:00.
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>> thank you, jean. before heading to san francisco. president obama designated the home of chavez a national monument. they planned that famous 1966 farm worker march to sacraments. most people were thriving in the u.s., but latinos were still disen franchised. >> no one seemed to care about the farm workers who picked the nation's food. unable to demand the most basic rights. caesar cared. chavez who died in 1993, is
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buried on the site. while the election is a month away. you don't have to wait to vote. officials have the go ahead to send out vote by mail ballots. it is not too late to register to vote. if you have already registered and want to sign up to vote by mail, that deadline is the 30th. >> this evening the children and friends of susie co will remember her. fbi agents spent the day searching for evidence in the
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hu hurcules home. >> we are trying to collect more evidence the supautopsy was doe this morning indicating that she was stabbed and there was blunt force trauma to the head. >> a second grade teacher known for her humor and kindness to strangers. they are trying to find her automobile. it has license plate 1a1f680. police say there has been an in crete in burglaries.
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looking for any kind of physical evidence that may help solve this case. we know that the victim was stabbed. there was a possibility that there may be a trail of drips of blood that are not visible with the naked eye. >> looked scared. simon hopes his mother's cliler is found. he wants to honor his mother. nbc bay area news. >> oakland police are hoping that an autopsy will shed light on police, on the body found not far from the park in east okayland. officers say a man's body was
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found in the back of that car yesterday afternoon. investigators are urging any one with information to come forward. >> super mmarket's chain participation, very fi mandates that employers verify accuracy of people. >> we are asking the public to support our efforts to get this chain of stores here to a lou organizing and allow the union to have it's day in court. the program is voluntary in california. activists are critical on it. >> city workers spent the day
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cleaning up after workers damage ed city hall overnight. demonstration marked the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. steps of city hall are shining tonight with green and gold. they are fired up tonight. trailing the series two games to nothing. that means one more loss and they are out. i think we have to get out here and let them know they are welcome back. >> it shows what great talent
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these young people have. >> game time just after 6:00 p.m. they will be yesry. the results are in. the investigating unit looks at cancer rates in a bay area neighborhood. >> i'm scott budman. the apple mini ipad results and reality check on prop 33. have you seen these adds? questions about who appears in some of the adds. >> and we are tracking a cool and breezy evening around the bay area now. winds gusty in fairfield. showers off to the north that will be approving the bay area tomorrow.
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29 days until the election. even if you are well-red on the issues the adds could be misleading. what is the problem here? >> for one, like you wide, it is a complicated measure to begin with. history of coverage would benefit some drivers and hurt others. campaign consultants are using staff members in the adds posing as real drivers and college
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students. >> i'm brandy and i'm a recent college graduate from san diego. >> this add looks like your typical pitch to voters. on the fence, about a state weight measure regulating car insurance. >> consumer watch dog group claims the add and others like it are anything but typical. from what we found online, our employees, and yeah, we did use them and they were not paid for that. it highlights the fact that the
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actors believe what they were saying. they don't receive compensation in the adds. we asked him about the intent of the law. >> if you are a dack toctor, cer someone with credibility but aren't getting paid for your opinion. >> this is a copy of the consumer watch dog's formal complai complaint, instead, consumer watch dog is arguing that the actors are agents of a group that according to these official documents has taken in $5,000 to run the campaign.
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regardless of whether or not this has determined to be the came pain campaign for noor not, it is an ethical boundary. >> we still think it is disingenuous that people are posing as drivers and work for the campaign. if real consumers supported this, they would have real consumers and drivers. >> supporters say it would let real drivers shop around and drivers would have a lapse in coverage for more than 90 days. >> a lot of flights delayed. technical glynnch for major airline today.
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scott budman, what is wrong with my ipad? >> nothing. we have seen the way they have been rolled out. the "wall street journal" has said that apple is not talking but many expect a smaller eight inch to be rolled out. here is a launch that has been confi confirmed. youtube, putting up into channels. cell phones in china. today u.s. house intelligence committee reporting that companies not do business with companies. they pose security risks. we asked the expert if you and i
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need to be worried about this. >> no, what we are talking about here is everything flows through it and it is so easy. you start psending it out to another country. it is more than a personal thing, it becomes a national security risk. >> something your office is likely thinking about it. if you are waiting for a loved one to come home via a flight. alaska air flights are coming back online. the company says a fiber optic cable is to blame for the delays. as of now the flights are back
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online tonight. back to you. >> all right let's send things over to rob. >> beautiful weather all around. minimally clear skies. 72 in napa and checking in at 72 degrees earlier today. right now, kind of like one giant micoclimate. that seabreeze is punching in at southwest 24 and 12. moving past livermore. showers to the north. west of ukia but by late tomorrow and wednesday, we are
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going to see increasing moisture and lift in the atmosphere. showers and maybe as early as tomorrow. we are talking about places like skyline boulevard. looking off to the east, you see these clouds building. these will be the two likely spots that you can see some of that. as we lose the heating of the day, showers should shut down by 6:00 tomorrow evening. chilly start. 40s and 50s going through the afternoon. we will see ins in the upper 60s to low 70s. no showers here. for the rest of the bay area, we will see more showers. 7 day forecast coming up.
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still ahead here. what landed a local scientist the famed noble prize? y . >> also comes up a change in the name of fighting obese is the and california tries to get around the bay area. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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maybe you have already used one, it is not a cab. >> a stance fpourtation revolution has already started. passengers are pressing smartphones to start cars.
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you can connect with drivers that know you are going in a particular direction. san francisco based sidecar hooks up drivers using their own cars. >> they are every-day people. >> but with tech companies bettibe getting in the ride share of business, they are putting on the brakes. the company sent outleters question i questioning the safety of drivers. >> we do a video interview. they complain the tech companies are biting into their business.
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>> we don't think that these operators should have a tremendous economic advantage by not having the same insurance requirement. but san francisco supervisor says the new services are part of that solution by giving new cab companies a healthy dose of competition. we need to make sure that we are providing soiz e ining soiss to safe. >> companies continue to operate in hope to work out an agreement with the straight. nbc bay area news. >> still ahead, a dangerous act being associated with autistic
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children. is it politics or real release. and an uproar over the pipeline explosion. >> van der sloot making headlines after a congugal investigate in prison. news around the world tonight next.
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the statewide average for a gallon of gas now $4.67. the previous record was set in 2008 at $4.61.
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some lawmakers are demanding an investigation into whether there was foulplay leading to that spike. is there a line out there? >> there is. you can see pretty much all day here. $4.37 for a gallon of regular. lawmakers want answers. >> prices at the pump jumped in the last part of the week. gas was required to be a certain cleaner burning blend. >> california is a gas island. we have 14 refineries that produce a special blend.
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it is hard to replace. energy experts say there is worry that refinery experts worry that if they change their output it does move the price. the real question is then, would they do that? u.s. senator feinstein says she thinks so. she says there are industry sources that believe the gas hike is driving up the prices. it is difficult to figure out when that is happening. even if it is, as long as they are not cluolluting, there is nothing illegal about it. during times like these, it would be cheaper for drivers.
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the other aspect of this, if you were a refiner, and thinking, well i'm not going to put as much gasoline on, you would know, if the price went up, someone else would bring up the non california gasoline and keep it from going up more. >> they are going to switch from the summer blend to winter blend which is cheaper. analysts say that could bring down gas prices in the next couple of weeks. >> stephanie, thank you. the decision of what fines will be levied for the deadly san bruno blast would be to suspend public hearings and hold close
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door negotiations today. the judge said he granted the month long susexception pension pg and e. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >> a woman was assaulted while walking the regional trail. police say it happened around 6:00 this morning. it was early, the victim was walking the trail when she says the man jumped out of the brush while groping her. she said the man road away on a mountain bike. she said the suspect was wearing a black hoodie and black gloves. >> scientist has won a noble
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prize. fellow researchers, his discovery how to transform skin cells to take on the property of other cells in the body. >> this was a revolution in biology. with turning a few switches you could create a profound change in the identity of the cell and this swept the world. >> congratulations. researchers say this could lead to improved drug discovery and could help with alzheimer's disease and heart, brain and retina care. >> nbc bay area news anchor is
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here with the news from around the world. >> today, president of tourkey say, the country will do whatever it can to protect itself. it launched retaliation into syria. situation is called extremely dangerous. the un plans to sends representatives to the region this week. and just sauth outh of there, sr situation is unfolding tonight. it says it was in retaliation for israel's air strike last night.
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israel said it was targeting members of a jihadist group. chavez has been re-elected for a new term. lots of celebrating across the country today. his supporters mostly the poor said he has taken the nation's oil wells and used it to give away free homes and grocery bills. keeping most of the oil profits for themselves, he recently battled cancer, shows no signs of weakness at his recent appearance. libya's prime minister has been dismissed after less than four weeks on the job. national congress will try to in form government to yuunit the
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country's factions. joran joor nxn van dersloot sentence. 25-year-old dutchman is suspected of killing natalie holloway but was never charged with the crime. woman is not pregnant. we'll have to see what happens. >> still ahead at 6:00. investigative unit digs into what is happening underground. why coins wouldn't be the only thing you count. not much different tomorrow. what is happening on the radar will be closer to our neighborhood this time tomorrow. we'll talk about changes when we
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come right back.
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tonight, a troubling trend among children with autism. 49% of families said their children tried to wander away from home or a family member.
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soda companies will most calorie information on the button you press to make your selection. machines will go nationwide next year. >> i prefer the coke 0 but that is just me. the number is already there. >> we got to the weekend and no showers. >> right now we have fog pouring into san francisco. we'll talk about changes in the forecast coming up. >> i'm dave feldman, saturday and sunday for the a's and giants, both teams laid the proverbial egg going four for four on the weekend. we'll have their plans on trying to come back and keep their
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seasons alive. coming up.
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state health officials have uncovered higher than normal cancer rates.
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state began looking at the numbers after an investigation earlier this year. our reporter stephen stock is here with tonight's special report. what do you have? >> we asked california's cancer registry to look at the area right outside moffit's gate to see if there were more reported cases of cancer than scientists would expect among the cases living there. here is the report. >> my goodness. >> we delivered the news that many residents living in this neighborhood long suspected. i was extremely sad thinking about the neighborhood people. after research and analysis of
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health data. higher number of people living here with non hodgkin's lymphoma fr between 1993 and 1995. >> when you find out it is true. it is like why aren't those responsib responsible held more accountable to delivering that message to people? >> they counted the cases of consco cancer living in the blocks on the site. then compared those cancer rates in similar areas. it dates back to 1988 when tons of tce, had looked or been
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dumped into the ground locked outside the gates of moffit field. snipes is california's chief of research. we focused on cancers that have been those three cancers or cancer of the kidney, liver and non hodgkin's lymphoma. experts say this does not mean that they have established a connection between this plume and these cancers. they will continue to monitor these areas closely. coming up tonight at 11:00. we will break down these numbers for you and show you what else the registry found in our
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special report tonight at 11:00 right here and tomorrow at 6:00. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a troubling report for so many people in santa clara county. if you have a tip for our news group, you can see the number here. or send us an e-mail. >> okay talk about winning the half moon bay pumpkin contest today. he was able to set a new record with his huge ghord. it tipped the scales at 1,775 marking the third time he has won the contest. he spent the entire summer ba babying this pumpkin. the secret is growing it inside a greenhouse. >> how does he get it out of the
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greenhouse? >> rob, what do we do now? >> nothing that can top it i suppose. >> sunshine, this thing was gorgeous and we have seen that. temperatures drop off a bit today. mainly 60s across the board. southwest wind up to 24 and south early breeze. cool temperatures tonight. things going to turn unsettled. especially wednesday, i think that will be the best bet for showers and coast al mountains. next weekend, we just saw, we'll see warming temperatures again come next sunday. radar, we will be dusting it off and using it here. most of the return showing up here to the north. looks a little un usual.
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we have an area of low pressure to the west and instead of moving inland it will track down the coast. by the time it is to the west of the bay area, early on wednesday that will be increasing moisture and showers. as we head towards thursday night and friday, what is pushing it out of the way is a system dropping it into the north. that may be the best bet for seeing rain and showering for the rest of the bay area. hour by hour as we show you tomorrow. areas south of livermoore, may see pop-up showers. future cast model, showing the list is on the models down towards morganhill.
6:50 pm
moving around monte ray. that would be for wednesday afternoon. nothing like that tonight. cool with patchy fog. heading into the afternoon temperatures in the low 70s for san jose. clouds building up over the hill tops and the north bay. mid 60s for san francisco and we will see the chance for scattered showers. thursday we will get a brief break and friday here comes that system. maybe a few more showers and then we clear out again for the weekend. we have 70s and 80s coming back by next sunday and monday. >> we can handle that right? >> yeah, thank you rob.
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>>. >> it feels like we got kicked in the gutt. >> kicked in the gutt a couple of times. >> by a couple of different places. you know the talk coming into the series with the reds. maybe the giants had the advantage. two losses later, the giants are back in cincinnati. >> certainly coming in down 0-2 is not it. >> to say it is just another game, but i feel like just another game doesn't count when you talk about the postseason. i think if you talk about being down 0-2 in the series. you can't say it is just another
6:52 pm
game either. you have to have the attitude never say day. >> kind of hung out on the plane. >> guys were ready to have fun and see what we can do. our backs were against the wall. >> it would be barry sito for the game four, for the giants. i asked him if that gives him extra confidence. it is a new game and he is not taking anything for granted. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. for the a's down two game to 0 for the tigetigers. >> griffen will pitch game four if necessary. for more on the a's here is kim
6:53 pm
coil. >> the a's return home down 2-0 but confident they can win against the tigers. in fact, the team has had the recipe for success all season. >> we are not going to bite our nails and be quiet. >> the a's veteran will take them out in game three and anderson has a pair of tough act to follow. holding the tigers to three earned runs in 12 and a third innings. >> it ruins our starting pitching track which is kind of one less historic thing that we can do this year. >> who knows when we are going to get back here. it is one of those times when you have to put your nicks and k knacks away and get ready to
6:54 pm
play. >> the budding romance with the baseball. they believe that the baseball gods will be on the a's side for the rest of the series. >> all right one final note for the 49ers. alex smith suffered an injury to his middle throwing finger on sunday. smith should be ready to go. sunday, as you know, the giants come to town. the giants the same team that kept the 49ers from going to the super bowl years ago. >> wow. exciting. >> thank you dave. >> for a full half hour of sports coverage you can watch comcast tonight at 10:30. >> we are back in a moment, stay with us.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 we'll have more from san francisco as president obama is here in the bay area. that is tonight after an all new "revolution". >> and more news on channel 186 our comcast station. >> bye-bye. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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